Appreciating Stamford

CEG is keen to respect the rich architectural heritage of Stamford and has spent considerable time researching how the town has grown, the character of individual neighbourhoods, the different housing types, density and local materials used as well as the heritage of the town's urban centre.

The town is well connected to the regional and national road network and has frequent bus services, making it a sustainable and suitable location for new homes and employment space.

CEG and its consultancy team have therefore spent time studying the character of Stamford to ensure that any masterplan proposals are appropriate for this setting.

01| Historic Growth Analysis of Stamford

The town has constantly evolved as previous urban extensions were delivered. The north and west of Stamford have seen the most significant changes.

Stamford Growth

02|Townscape Analysis

Stamford offers a rich architectural heritage. There is an opportunity to integrate new development visually with the existing settlement using a design led approach, which focuses on sensitive landscaping, key building frontages and high quality open space.


03|Visual Analysis

The development will seek to respond to the existing area and therefore will deliver a lower density development and a network of open spaces to protect key view corridors.


Visual Analysis


04|Deliver a Mixture of Housing Styles in Keeping with Stamford

To understand Stamford's character we have assessed the density and character of dwellings.

We have identified four townscape areas close to the site, which highlight a wide variety of densities.

Mixture of Housing


We believe that there is an exciting opportunity to work with the local community to design a new scheme which will meet Stamford's housing needs for the future.

The proposals will also include new parks, high quality business space, homes and a neighbourhood hub which will provide much-needed facilities for those on the west of Stamford.