Taking a Design Led Approach

We aim to deliver a development which will:

  • By sympathetic to the scale, character and style of the town
  • Provide a strong character area along the Empingham Road
  • Provide a range of high quality business premises
  • There is an opportunity to integrate new development visually with the existing settlement using appropriate landscaping and a design-led approach throughout focusing particularly on key frontages. 

Our specific design principles include:

Respect Stamford's Character

Ensure development is appropriate to the character of the local area.

Analysis of existing character forms part of the design process
  Stamford Character
Artist's impression of potential employment space

Provide Green Boulevards

A linear green is proposed through the site. This will act as a key open space, as well as a pedestrian and cycle route. It will also provide the opportunity to interconnect with open spaces, parks and greens throughout the site.

Green Space
Illustrative artist's impression of the role of open space within the development

Deliver Community Facilities

New neighbourhood amenity shops and services, as well as leisure facilities, within easy walking distance, can be provided for existing as well as future residents.

Illustrative artist's impression of neighbourhood centre

Ensure Any Development is Sustainable

Providing the opportunity to live, work and access facilities on the same site will create a sustainable development.

Employment adjacent to the A1 will reduce the need to travel into and through the historic town centre core.