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National Planning Policy Framework - July 2011

The Government's recently published draft framework aims to promote sustainable growth. It states:

"Use the planning system to promote strong, vibrant and healthy communities, by providing an increased supply of housing to meet the needs of present and future generations; and by creating a good quality built environment, with accessible local services that reflect the community's needs and supports its health and well-being."

Planning Policy for South Kesteven

The South Kesteven Core Strategy (adopted in July 2010) requires 13,600 additional homes over the next 20 years. Most of this falls to Grantham. Stamford has been identified to receive 8 per cent of the District's housing requirement, which is less than has been built over recent years.

This means after taking account of recent completions and sites that already have permission, in the region of 500 new homes need to be built in Stamford up to 2026. By meeting most of this growth in one location this means that infrastructure can also be delivered to ensure the development is sustainable.

Delivering Community Benefits

In line with the commitment for new homes, the Government has introduced a New Homes Bonus. This is central Government funding given to communities like Stamford, to provide new facilities and services that local communities need in line with housing growth.

It ensures that any financial benefits that come from development are returned to the local communities where housing growth takes place.

A New Homes Bonus of up to £4 million could be generated through these proposals, in addition to contributions to schools, transport and community infrastructure through developer funding as part of a Section 106 agreement.

In addition, up to 35 per cent of the site will deliver affordable homes for local people and essential facilities would be provided as well as access to additional parks and green space for existing residents. Residents to the west of Stamford would also benefit from a reduction in noise disturbance from the A1 due to the mitigation measures proposed.

Why is New Housing Required?

There is a shortage of homes across the UK due to population increase, the fact we are living longer, a decrease in household sizes and the impact of net migration.

In addition, the national average age for a first-time buyer has increased to 38, compounding the need for more housing to be delivered to tackle the affordability gap.

Although the housing market is still struggling, the need for new homes has not diminished. The national shortage threatens the economy with the average house now costing more than seven times average income levels.

If more homes are not provided, then this gap will continue to grow. This scheme is therefore planning for today's housing needs, as well as the next generation's requirements.

Why Has This Site Been Selected for Development?

Stamford needs to deliver new housing and jobs to sustain its economy. The council assessed many sites and has selected this site as the most suitable and sustainable to meet those requirements as part of its Draft Allocation DPD.

CEG also assessed a number of sites and through its research put forward this site as the most appropriate.

Stamford West can deliver around 400 homes in one sustainable location as well as additional community infrastructure and affordable homes, all in line with a design-led, sustainable approach. In addition, around 10 hectares of employment land, incorporating quality offices, can deliver new job opportunities for the area. The site's location will reduce the number of journeys which need to be made across the historic town centre.