The Site

Click to enlargeThe 28 hectare site is known as Stamford West. It lies to the western edge of Stamford and is bounded by the A1. It has direct access to the town centre.

The site is currently agricultural land and is bordered by residential properties to the north and east. Predominantly built in the 1960s, 70s and 90s with a number of large villas on Tinwell Road dating from the early 1900s.

It is important that the site responds to its neighbours by ensuring new development is sympathetic in terms of scale, density, views, green space provision and new facilities.

The site is constrained by boundaries which include residential properties and the A1. Therefore, development is contained and will not result in urban sprawl.

We have undertaken detailed technical studies to ensure that the site is suitable, deliverable and free from constraints on development. These include: Transport and Access, Noise and Air Quality, Ecology, Archaeology, Landscape, Flooding and Drainage, Sustainability, Utility and Ground Investigation.

Noise Mitigation

The site lies adjacent to the A1. A noise buffer is proposed to mitigate the effect of noise and will also reduce current noise levels for existing properties to the east of the site.

Transport & Access

Click to enlargeLincolnshire County Council confirms that Stamford West performs better on Transport matters than the competing sites in Stamford.

The allocation of land at Stamford West given its location close to the main strategic road network will require little traffic to gain access through the Town Centre particularly larger commercial vehicles that are the cause of greater environmental impact. This is unlike other sites which will require many vehicles to cross the town centre on a daily basis.

In addition, at Stamford West, traffic management measures and improvements to existing roads have the potential to improve conditions without being aggravated by increased traffic.

The site will provide excellent sustainable access to the town centre by walking, cycling and public transport.


Established trees and hedgerows will, as far as possible, be retained as part of any new development. Woodland belts are also proposed along the western edge of the site to soften existing hard edges.

There is an opportunity to integrate new development visually with the existing settlement using appropriate landscaping and a design-led approach throughout focusing particularly on key frontages.

Community Facilities

The western part of Stamford has fewer accessible community facilities, creating a local imbalance in provision.

The whole area would benefit from new local shops and services which can be used by existing, as well as future residents.

We are keen to know which facilities you would welcome in this area of Stamford.